I At the ending of a quiet rainfall I find myself at the entrance of a lonely trail The route is wide, embracing the side of a marvelous mount No soul can be seen from this point it is simply the wilderness and I The trail is illuminated by the morning sun as the rainfall transformed the trail into an azure mirror reflecting the wispy skies lofted above me I am surrounded by lush foliage lining the mirrored path with tufts of moss who are thankful for the easing rain Walls of stone are a home for the plentiful moss It looks to be soft like a velvet pillow somewhere to rest on a cool mountain As if I was floating, I continued on the mirrored path II Sadly, the radiant reflection ends as the alp ascends higher into the heavens The landscape notably shifts suddenly surrounding me in blushing bushes The forest subsides and the mountain is alive flushed with flowers All varieties can be seen especially the sacred rose tree which sanctifies the wilderness with its flair The sun strengthens the hue of the inflorescence complementing the rose trees and their divine presence They summon my audience as they shine from their throne atop the mount I am refreshed by the rosy fields thankful for their vibrations I could not remain in the meadow for the summit of the heath awaits me III Saying my farewells to the rulers of the meadow I ascend the throne of heaven The way up was steep but I can see the rest of heaven from the view and it is worth the effort Tirelessly I trek the rigid path towards the apex I become frustrated by the jagged rocks that bother my heels and the barrage of pests that suddenly ward my view I am disgusted by the sheer heat of the stones as they mock my despair The colors blur and I cannot feel the trail anymore simply stumbling up the narrow crevices Eyes cloud as the sky was before when the path was wide and glistening I feel a slight breeze a cooling sensation that flows through my body the zephyr whisks my weary soul up the trail Suddenly I am in the bluest bliss IV A small meadow sits atop the mountain bluets resting in the serene field Clouds dance as angels orchestrate their choral act Light radiates from my skin for the sun is heralding the call of warmth and light Heavenly beings flank the edges of the meadow gazing upon the blessed earth and proclaiming its treasures I join the beings in their praises looking upon the place that is so bountiful I move around the field seeking a solemn place A lone cliff hangs near the edge of the mountain a cliff that dazzles in sunlight I take a seat and admire the angels song and dance and venerate the natural forces below me I sit alone for hours gazing in pleasure I never actually left this place no soul could truly leave such a splendid thing behind